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Bridal Make up Consultation Sheet

Please fill out print and bring it with you

Beautiful Bride to be:___________________________________________            

Telephone: _______________________Cell: __________________________

Email Add:_______________________________                                  

Wedding Date :_______________________________Time of Ceremony:__________________                

Number of People getting makeup services: ________________Time of make up service:_________

Location: _____________________________________________________________________________

What are the colors chosen for the wedding?  ______________________

Is your skin? Oily   Dry   Combination

Is your skin?  Smooth    Blemished     Uneven   Other ______________

Does your  skin have: Flaky Dry Patches      Red Patches     Dark Circles Under  the eyes  Other _______

What color are your eyes: Brown   Dk Brown     Blue      Green    Hazel  Other ____________

Are your eyebrows?  Thin     Thick    shaped/arched     Need to be shaped

Are your eyelashes sparse? _______________

Do you have high cheek bones? ____________________

Do you have a noticeable mustache? ________________________

Are your hands dry?  Yes     No

Are your feet tired?   Yes     No

Would you like a personal makeup lesson for the occasion?   Yes     No  

Will the mothers or bridal party need makeup services?   Yes     No

Does any of the mothers need a formal suit for the occasion?  Yes      No        Plus size welcomed


Please Bring Bridal Sheets Below:
Bridal Make up Consultation

Bridal Hair Consultation

Mothers Fashion Consultation