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G L C believes in entrepreneurship. Our company is designed for people who want to be successfully self-employed. We invite you to make your dream of owning a business into a reality with us today. 

We make it easy for you to successfully sell .   Our Online Opportunity gives you a business opportunity that alleviates you of inventory and shipping expenses and providing you with website or showroom access.  Effortless earnings can be yours today.


Enjoy the professional freedom to make your own schedule.  Work independently from home, website, showroom, by telephone, website showings. Earn uncapped commission income monthly.   You can operate your own business for as little as the cost for a suit.  Initial investment $20. is required for your personal Effortless Earnings Opportunities Manual.  Minimum investment and website maintenance after 1 year.   

Independent GA LA CAR Rep

Immediate income producing opportunity for confident ambitious sale reps who have a                                    fashion sense and style suitable for professional women and men.  Do you enjoy talking to people?  Do you know 10 people who have a need to dress up for work, Sundays or special occasions?   Do you know people who like to wear makeup? Become an Independent GA LA CAR Rep. Directing customers to website, local salons, identifying and contacting new sales prospects.  Developing client relationships and referrals.

Independent GA LA CAR Manager Rep

Immediate income producing opportunity for confident ambitious Independent Online Sales Managers who have recruiting, managing and sales abilities and/or experience. Have you built and managed a sales team? Are you a manager with sales experience who can establish and execute the sales project plans that are necessary to achieve the team's mission? Do you know 10 people who have a need to dress up for work, Sundays or special occasions? This is the opportunity for you.   This is a 2 for 1 opportunity.  Receive earnings from sales earned by your team and from your own sales.  Bonus: rep referrals to build your sales team.  Enjoy the professional freedom to make your own schedule

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