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Sassy Short Dresses 
New Spring Fashions 2017  
Size XS-3XLsmcDR1335 Size XS-3XL  smcDR1382
Sizes XS-3XLsmcDR1382 Sizes XS-3XL  smcDR1379
Sizes XS-3XLsmcDR1379 Sizes XS-3XL  smcCD7703
Sizes XS-3XLsmcCD7703 Sizes XS-3XL  
 1)$99.  2)$99.  3)$99. 4)$99.   
Sizes XS-4XLsmcCD1969 Sizes XS-4XL  smcCD1969
Sizes XS-4XLsmcCD1969 Sizes XS-4XL  smcAPM1901
Sizes S-3XLsmcAPM1901 Sizes S-3XL  smc232356
Sizes 2-16smc232356 Sizes 2-16  
 5)$110  6)$169  7)$169  8)$269  
Sizes XS-3XLsmcDR1572ny Sizes XS-3XL  smcCDJC3455
Sizes 4-16smcCDJC3455 Sizes 4-16  smc532071
Sizes XS-3XLsmc532071 Sizes XS-3XL  smcCL2351
Sizes M-3XLsmcCL2351 Sizes M-3XL  
 9)  10)$169  11)$89  12)$99  
Sizes XS-2XLsmcNXC6167 Sizes XS-2XL  smcCD390S
Sizes XS-3XLsmcCD390S Sizes XS-3XL  smcCD338
Sizes XS-3XLsmcCD338 Sizes XS-3XL  smcNXC6059
Sizes XS-2XLsmcNXC6059 Sizes XS-2XL  
 13)  14)$99  15)$99  16)  
Sizes XS-3XLsmc53E6002 Sizes XS-3XL  smcDR1484
Sizes XS-2XLsmcDR1484 Sizes XS-2XL  smcFT87013
Sizes XS-3XLsmcFT87013 Sizes XS-3XL  smcFT89007
Sizes XS-3XLsmcFT89007 Sizes XS-3XL  
 17)$149  18)$89  19)$125  20)$135.  
Sizes XS-3XLsmcNX6288 Sizes XS-3XL  smcNX2820
Sizes XS-3XLsmcNX2820 Sizes XS-3XL      
 21)$150.  22)$95  23)  24)  




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New Spring Fashions 2017