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Bridal Hair Styles...
A beautiful hair style is the treasure of every lady's especially on the day of your wedding.   It is our business to make sure that your "best-side" will be focused on, so that your natural beauty will flourish.. With the correct hair-style which accentuate the outline of your face, a hair color which brings out your skin tone, hair preparation whether is hot rollers or curled, the best styling products to easily maintain this standard and veil placement or any accessories to complete your bridal style.  We want to give you, as a costumer, an inside and realistic look on beauty and try to give you a greater confidence by searching the correct style and creation which fits your wedding style. During consultation we will take our time choose the right hair style and color. We will take the necessary time to answer these all questions and offer helpful suggestions. This is the kind of service, we stand for. 

Natural Bridal Hair Styles.

Now natural hair can be beautifully done.
Hair Extensions
Many women feel glamorous with long, thick hair. Regardless the age, body shape or ethnic background, hair is the most important aspect of a women’s appearance. In no time Hair extensions will  make any woman feel more beautiful, captivating and glamorous.  They make most women more confident in their appearance.. We will create that look with 100% real hair extensions  that will blend into you own hair with a technique perfected by GA LA -CAR. Thanks to the Hair extension methods  offers this flexibility so that the hair may be worn up or down. . The are comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and may be removed and reattached at a later date

Bridal Hair Design

Please call and make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss the correct hair extension application just for you.


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Bridal Hair Consultation

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