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  1st Saturdays Ooh La La GA LA - CAR Day of Beauty

RSVP for Hair, Nails or Beauty Packages etc.  

Appointment: @ 904- 487-9254

 Service Appointment are available as early as (9:00 am)

Day of Beauty Packages

2 Service Packages 3 Services Packages 4 Service Packages
1)Reg. $20.Now $18.                  (Saved $2). Eyebrows                  Eyelashes (strips)


8) Reg.$75. Now $69.     (Saved $6.) Relaxer                                 Eyelashes                 Eyebrows                          15) Reg.$85 Now $78. (Saved $7.) Hair Style                       Lashes                     Pedicure                            Nails
2)Reg. $40. Now $36. (Saved $4.) Pedicure                        Nails


9) Reg.$85. Now $78. (Saved $7.) Relaxer                           Color                               Cut 16)Reg. $95 Now $87. (Saved $8.)Relaxer                                 Eyelashes                 Eyebrows                          Nails
3)Reg. $30. Now $27. (Saved $3.)Pedicure                     Manicure  


10) Reg.$75 Now $68. (Saved $7.) Shampoo & Style           Nails                         Pedicure or Facial        17) Reg.$70.Now $60. (Saved $10) Facial/w Free Make-over    Basic Cosmetics Kit          w/Free Lipstick             Eyelashes
4) Reg. $75. Now $68. Saved $7. Relaxer                             Nails


11) Reg.$65. Now $59. (Saved$5.) Hair Style                       Lashes                      Pedicure 18) Reg.$85. Now $77. (Saved $8) Shampoo & Style Nails                             Designs                     Pedicure                      
5) Reg.$65. Now $60. (Saved $5.) Relaxer                      Eyebrows


12)Reg. $50.Now $45. (Saved $5.) Nails                             Designs                      Pedicure 19) Reg.$105 Reg $96.(Saved $9.) Relaxer                           Color                               Cut                          Pedicure
6)Reg. $45. Now $41. (Saved $4.) Hair Style                       Facial


13) Reg. $60Now $50. (Saved $10) Facial                            Make-over                           Basic Cosmetics Kit          w/Free Lipstick  20) Reg.$75 Now $68 (Saved $7.) Hair Style (Goddess Braids)  Eyebrows                     Facial                             Nails
7)Reg $45. Now $40. (Saved $5.) Shampoo & Style          Eyelashes (strips) 


14) Reg. $55.Now $50. (Saved $5) Hair Style                         Facial                          Manicure  21) Reg.$85.Now $77.(Saved $8.) Shampoo & Style           Nails                         Pedicure                          Free Ear Piercing w/stud
Spa Services
Spa Services
Spa Services
Detailed work can increase prices
Shampoo & Style:  Goddess Braids, Up Do, Silk Wrap, Flat Iron, Pony Tail
Hair Style: Dry Hair Styles: Flat Iron, Hot Curl, Silk Wrap, Up do or Pony Tail 
Interchangeable Services A: Manicure, Eyebrows, Eyelashes and Ear Piercing
Interchangeable Services B: Pedicure, Nails and Facials Individual Lashes 
Interchangeable Services C: Relaxers, Twists,  Braids  


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Ooh La La GA LA - CAR Day of Beauty    w/Free Wine Tasting and RefreshmentsRefreshments Sponsor:  Zek-A-Boi Rib Tip Sampler Prepay Services Above, Register or call for an appointment

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       1st Saturdays Ooh La La GA LA - CAR Day of Beauty