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Fall/Winter 2015
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Stylish Traditional Fashions that Transcends Time...Call Today! Styles Sell Out Quick!
Odeliah Denim -  Special Occasion, Formals , Dresses, Suits  

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Odeliah 2015 Collection OD-8214 8204 8193
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1)OD8218$199. Sizes: 6 - 26w 2)OD8214 $199. Sizes: 6 - 26w 3)OD8204 $239. Sizes: 6 - 26w 4)OD8193 $239. Sizes: 6 - 26w  
8205 8207 8208 8209  
5)OD8205 $239. Sizes: 6 - 26w 6)OD8207 $259. Sizes: 6 - 26w 7)OD8208 $239. Sizes: 6 - 26w 8)OD8209 $239. Sizes: 6 - 26w  
8211 8213 8215 8216
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9)OD8211 $239. Sizes: 6 - 26w 10)OD8213$239 Sizes: 6 - 26w 11)OD8215 $199. Sizes: 6 - 26w 12)OD8216$199 Sizes: 6 - 26w  
8217 8219    
13)OD8217 $199. Sizes: 6 - 26w 14)OD8219$229. Sizes: 6 - 26w 15)OD8196 $129. Sizes: 6 - 26w    


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Suits, hats, handbags not seen from featured catalogs maybe available by email.  Hats, handbag and jewelry are not included.  Items may be a little smaller, larger then size.  Colors may have variations.
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