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Long Lavishing Dresses: Formals, Home Coming, Prom, Special
New Spring Fashions 2017  
Size 4-14CD83964 Size 4-14  CD83821
Size 4-14CD83821 Size 4-14  smcCD83821
Size 4-14smcCD83821 Size 4-14  fmcCD13729
4-12fmcCD13729 4-12  
backCD83964 back  CD83821
Size 4-14CD83821 Size 4-14  fmcCD83821
Size 4-14fmcCD83821 Size 4-14  fmcCD13729
backfmcCD13729 back  
 Special $204.       Size Chart A  Special $194.       Size Chart A  Special $194.       Size Chart A  Special $184.       Size Chart A  
Size 4-14fmcAC761 Size 4-14  CD71486
Size 4-14CD71486 Size 4-14  smc232282
Sizes 2-18smc232282 Sizes 2-18   smcCD8933
Size 6-18 smcCD8933 Size 6-18  
backfmcAC761 back  smcCD71486smcCD71486  smc232282
backsmc232282 back   smcCD8933
back smcCD8933 back  
 Special $204.       Size Chart A  Special $204.       Size Chart A  Special $204.       Size Chart A  Special $204.       Size Chart A  
Sizes S-4XLsmcCDCF013 Sizes S-4XL  smcCD8107
Sizes 4-18smcCD8107 Sizes 4-18  smcCD8760
Sizes 4-18smcCD8760 Sizes 4-18  smcCDC7457
Sizes 4-20smcCDC7457 Sizes 4-20  
 smcCDCF013smcCDCF013  smcCD8107smcCD8107  smcCD8760smcCD8760  smcCDC7457smcCDC7457  
 Special $204.       Size Chart A  Special $204.       Size Chart A  Special $204.       Size Chart A  Special $204.       Size Chart A  
Sizes 4-20smcCDC7457PK Sizes 4-20  smcNX5124
Sizes M-4XLsmcNX5124 Sizes M-4XL  smcCDCJ241
Sizes 4-20smcCDCJ241 Sizes 4-20  smcPY6882
Sizes XS-2XLsmcPY6882 Sizes XS-2XL  
 smcCDC7457PKsmcCDC7457PK  smcNX5124smcNX5124  smcCDCJ241smcCDCJ241  smcPY6882smcPY6882  
     Special $155.       Size Chart A    
Sizes 4-14smcAPL1888 Sizes 4-14  smcCDA5005
Sizex 8-18smcCDA5005 Sizex 8-18  smcAC564
Sizes 4-14smcAC564 Sizes 4-14    
 smcAPL1888smcAPL1888  smcCDA5005smcCDA5005  smcAC564smcAC564