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Long Lavishing Dresses: Formals, Home Coming, Prom, Special Occasion   
New Spring Fashions 2017
 All Gowns Roll Back Savings 20% 
Special $204.             Size Chart A
Size XS-2XLsmcp573001 Size XS-2XL
Special $164.       Size Chart A
Sizes XL-3XLsmcp532085 Sizes XL-3XL
Special 192.    Size Chart A
Sizes 2-18smcpCDML402 Sizes 2-18
Special $132.    Size Chart A smcpCD13120
Size 4-12smcpCD13120 Size 4-12    


Reg $205. 

Spec $164. Size Chart A

 Special $225.     Size Chart A  Special $184.     Size Chart A  Special $164.     Size Chart A  Special $173.     Size Chart A


Sizes 4-12smcpCD13114 Sizes 4-12  smcCDKC1783
Sizes 4-14smcCDKC1783 Sizes 4-14  smcpCDCF102
Sizes XS-3XLsmcpCDCF102 Sizes XS-3XL  smcpCDKD099
Sizes 2-14smcpCDKD099 Sizes 2-14    
   smcpCDCF102smcpCDCF102  smcpCDKD099b
Sizes 2-14smcpCDKD099b Sizes 2-14    
 Special $163.      Size Chart A  Special $159.     Size Chart A  Special $163.     Size Chart A  Special $184.     Size Chart A    
Sizes 4-12smcpCDKC1808 Sizes 4-12  smcpCDKC1794
Sizes 4-14smcpCDKC1794 Sizes 4-14  smcpCD5133
Size 4-12smcpCD5133 Size 4-12  smcpCDKC1812
Sizes 4-14smcpCDKC1812 Sizes 4-14    
 smcpCDKC1808bsmcpCDKC1808b  smcpCDKC1794bsmcpCDKC1794b  smcpCD5133bsmcpCD5133b  smcpCDKC1812bsmcpCDKC1812b    
 Special $204.      Size Chart A  Special $225.      Size Chart A  Special $184.      Size Chart A  Special $184      Size Chart A    
Sizes smcpCDKC1739 Sizes  smcpCDCC8026
Sizes 4-14smcpCDCC8026 Sizes 4-14  CD15110
Sizes 4-12CD15110 Sizes 4-12  smcpCD71377
Sizes 2-14smcpCD71377 Sizes 2-14    
 smcpCDKC1739bsmcpCDKC1739b  smcpCDCC8026bsmcpCDCC8026b  CD15110CD15110  smcpCD71377bsmcpCD71377b