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  GA LA CAR Beauty & Hair Workshops-Online  


 Online Courses Are Florida State Board Of Cosmetology Approved

  Serving in Jacksonville Florida  for over 25 years. 

 Highly Qualified Instructors:


We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you...

   Mission: To Enhance your abilities, provide empowering training and expand your financial options for success...

 We educate individuals in order for students to become a professional  


We take pride in meeting the needs of students 

 Dyslexia, language impaired, comprehension challenges included

 We offer 4 course studies options: 

  In class, one-on-one, independent studies, group and online.

Build your skills and expertise. Certificate programs give you the specialization you need to keep ahead of trends, seek greater career opportunities and stay competitive. Our certificate programs align with the beauty industry needs and continuing education requirements.

 We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you...

 Empowerment Online Courses for Success:  

 16 Hour Hair Braiding Certification HBC

  4 Hour Hair Wrapping Certification HWC

 12 Body Wrapping Certification BWC

 4 Hour Initial HIV/AIDS

 4 Hour Initial HIV/AIDS NAILS

 2 Hour Renewal HIV/IDS


  Enhance your abilities with Continuing Education Today


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