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 At GA LA  CAR, "we don't just say we appreciate your business–we show it."

Unlimited Referrals, Unlimited Effortless Earnings or Savings...

How many times have you told someone where you bought an outfit from and they went to that store that you referred them to?  They purchased an out fit.  Did that store pay you for that referral sale?



What is our Affiliate Program?    

It is an Affiliate Program that pays for New Client Referral Total Sales from purchases or services online and instore.  The total sales can be made by people you refer: associates, friends or family. 

There's no limit on the number of new referrals. 



Why Join GA LA CAR the Affiliate Program?

 The affiliate program offers Effortless Earnings in the form of pay, savings, product and service options.  Effortless Earnings or Savings are given from every Referral total Sale made online and/or in-store fashions, group orders, fragrances, cosmetics and salon services.

Act quickly to take advantage of this offer.  The more referrals you make, the more you accumulate more Earnings or Savings. 

How can you be a successful Affliate?

If you value our the  products and services that we offer or if you have had a positive experience with our products or services, post recommendation to your social media feed.  For examples: Share how GA LA CAR can help prospective referrals get prepared for special occasions such as:  Prom, Bridal, Homecoming, hair styles: Hair extensions, braids, color etc. 

Now you can receive Effortless Earnings or Savings from Referral Total Sales today.


Join the Effortless Earnings Affiliate Program.  You may use your Referral Effortless Earnings or Savings towards your next personal purchases or services.



Affiliate Effortless Earnings or Savings 10-20% of Total Referral Sale

Choose your Referral Product or Services 

Products and Services List
Salon Services of Total Sale Online Fashions of Total Sale Workshops of Total Sale
1. Hair Extensions/Braids             10-20%   Women Fashions 10-20% Hair Braiding 10-20%
2. Chemical Services  10-15%   Formals 10-20% Hair Wrapping 10-20%
3. Makeovers  10%  Men Fashions 10-20% Body Wrapping 10-20%
4. Nail Services  10%      HIV/AIDS 10-20%
        Hands On 10-20%
        Makeup 10-20%
        Weaving 10-20%
        Hair Braiding 10-20%

 Get 10% & up Total Referral Earnings or Savings


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