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 GA LA CAR Salon Opportunities

Are you tired of working in a place where you can't show off your uniqueness in different areas?

GA LA CAR  Salon is a brand for those who know Beauty is a Necessity and Not a Luxury, since 1989.  Salon with over 25 years of experience, trend setter as it was one of the first salon that offered hair, beauty, nail services and fashions in one place.  Located in Arlington.

We are building a team of individuals who want to utilize more than one skill learned in cosmetology school.

We create, sponsor and host community outreach awareness and charity events throughout the year that empower women.  We will be collaborating with local business interest to hold fashion shows and event parties in our salon to always keep the environment fun and also bring in more clientele to make the place a well known salon.

The owner is from New York.  She received her cosmetology license there and was the first African American to receive a scholarship to attend Christine Valmy School for Esthetics and Makeup on 5th Avenue in New York City.  She was a freelance makeup artist for Ebony Man Magazine. 

Background in hair and make up and has worked on many photo shoots, event parties, website promotions as well as started and created GA LA CAR Cosmetics, Making Beauty Simple for a Simply Beautiful You for Day, Evening, Business, Religious, Bridal and Prom wear makeup.   She has always envisioned a salon that was one stop for beauty and styles. It's not just a job, its a passion. There is a big difference and we hope that everyone who joins our team has the same passion as we do!

Please send resume with a brief description of yourself as well as some pictures of your work.


Immediate opportunity available for a professional serious organized Assistant Manager.  Be willing to greet potential and assign potential clients to stylists/nail techs. Sales experience a plus.  Monthly events to promote salon. Free advertisement and applicant will be a featured on our website. Pay daily. High Commission/part time options available. Free parking and bus accessible. Obtain, make and maintain your own schedule appointments. Cliental assistance available.

Image PreviewCosmetologist - Weaveologist                                              

Immediate opportunities for ambitious, confident professional hair stylists who can provide excellent hair styling, hair care and techniques such as relaxers, perms, weaving, extensions. Braids or twists (goddess braids etc) are a plus. Provide excellent customer service. Be willing to build or have a clientele, maintain schedule appointments and provide excellent customer service in a multicultural atmosphere.  Hairstylists must have completed school, licensed, or currently in school may apply only.  

short black hair stylesHair Cutting Stylists - Cosmetologists                                    

Seeking ambitious, confident professional hair cutting stylists who can provide excellent hair care, hair styling techniques such as razor cuts, feathered, layered, blunt, trims, color and perms. Hair weaving. extensions, relaxers twists and braiding (goddess braids etc) are all a plus. Provide excellent customer service.  Be willing to greet potential clients to build a clientele or have a clientele and maintain schedule appointments and provide excellent customer service in a multicultural atmosphere.  Hairstylists must have completed school, licensed, or currently in school may apply only.         

Hair Braiding                                                                              

Start Today... Seeking reliable ambitious, confident professional Hair Braiding Stylists who has excellent hair braiding skills. Must know how to perform braiding styles such as goddess braids, twists, re-twist, flat twists, plaits, scalp braid styles for children/adults and lace fronts, Hair cutting or weaving are a plus. Provide excellent customer service, obtain, maintain clientele. Hair braiding stylists must have a certificate, have completed school or currently in school may apply only.  Be available within a 24 hour notice.  Hair Braiding Certification assistance avail.