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Hair Service Menu  
Chemical & Enhancement Services  
Sensitive Relaxer $75.&up
Relaxers $70.&up
Re-Touch Relaxars/Natural $65.&up
Curls-Jheri Curl/Permanent Waves $65.&up
  Sh.(Chin)$65.&up, Med.(Shoulders)$65.&up, Long(Mid-Back)$70.&up
Keratin Treatment /Brazilian Blowout $160.&up
Hair Color Sh.(Chin)$__.&up, Med.(Shoulders)$15.&up, Long(Mid-Back)$20.&up
Semi-Permanent $20.&up
Permanent $25.&up
Highlights-partial(6-18foils) $40.&up
Streaks $40.&up
Cap Highlight/Frost $40.&up
Full Color $65.&up
Hair Glosser $20.&up
Hair Cut  
Hair Cuts $20.&up
Style Cuts-Layered, Razor $35.&up
Clipper Cuts-Children $10.&up
Clipper Cuts -16 &up $13.&up
Trim $15.&up
Shampoo & Styles  
Shampoo & Style                              (Flat Iron, Wrap, Wet Set, Press & Curl) $40.&up
Finger Wave, Crimps, Updo's $40.&up
Flat Iron, Hot Curl Style (only) $25.&up
Clarifier $20.&up
Dandruff/Conditioner Treatment $10.&up
Hair Weave/Extensions HAIR NOT INCLUDED (BYOH)
Weave Horse Shoe $65.&up (hair out to blend) (no discount can apply)
Knot Stitch / Sew-In $175.&up (full head) 
Row (Per Row) $20 &up
Retighten/Style $10.&up
Hair Replacement (Per Row) $15.&up
Extension Color Streak (intricate styles/hair texture add $5 & up) $10.&up  (Per Row/Piece)
Micro Beads / Loc n Load $185.&up
Micro Beads Replacement $3.&up

Net Weave - Alopecia

$175.& up
Tree Braiding $200.&up
Crochet Braids / Weave $85.&up
Quick Weave Cap $75.&up
Full Head Bonding Style $70.&up
Bonding (per track) $10.&"up
Lace Front Weave (sew-in) $50.&up
Lace Front Weave $25.&up

Wig Attachment

Up-do - Extension $50.&up
Pony Tail (secured) $40.&up
Retighten/Style $5.&up (per row)
Hair Replacement $10.&up (per row)
Extension Color Streak $10.&up (per row)
Quick Weave Touch-up $3.&up(re-glue only)
Extension Removal $5.&up (per row)
Braids           HAIR NOT INCLUDED (BYOH) (Long/Thick add $10.&up)
Approximate Sizes:  Pinky(sm), Ring Finger (med) or Middle Finger (lg)
Approximate Lengths: Chin(sh), Shoulders (med) or  Shoulder Blade (Mid Back)
Corn rolls, Cornbraids, Scalp Braids $50. & up (layers add $5.&up)
Plaits, Loose Braids, Individuals $95.&up
Kinky Twists $95.&up
Twists / Locs $85.&up
Re-Twist $65.&up
Flat Twists $65.&up
Senegalese Twists $160.&up
Micros/ Shreds $175.&up
Jumbo Goddess Braids $25.&up(2braids)$35.(3braids)
Shampoo, Locs & Style $80.&up
Color Locs $30.&up / individuals $3. each
Scalp Braids- Med 1 - 2 layers Box Braids-Med   Locs/Twists  
Children 4 - 5      $35. & up Children 4 - 5 $45. & up Children 4 - 5 $45. & up
Children 6 - 12     $45. & up Children 6 - 12 $65. & up Children 6 - 12 $65. & up
Teens 13 - 17 $55. & up Teens 13 - 17 $85. & up Teens 13 - 17 $85. & up
    Curl $ Dip Ends $15. & up Curl $ Dip Ends $15. & up


All Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.  Payment accepted is CASH ONLY.   No Checks accepted. There are no Refunds, Returns, nor Exchanges for any services & products.  Some prices may vary depending on density & condition of hair. Hair Not Included

***You must bring your own hair (BYOH). A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED BEFORE ALL HAIR BRAIDING/HAIR WEAVING SERVICES THAT REQUIRE 3 HOURS OR MORE.  To confirm your appointment you must call at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time (if your appointment is for 6pm you must call by 6pm on the day before) . Failure to do so will result in your appointment AUTOMATICALLY CANCELING. No refund. WE WILL NOT CALL YOU TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT.
If you want GA LA - CAR to provide the hair for your service we must have a form of consultation to discuss your style, hair color, texture and length.  We recommend that you come in. Telephone, email consultations are acceptable but not recommended. In addition you must email or bring a disclaimer releasing GALACAR from the responsibility of the hair purchased and hair services performed after telephone or email consultations.
A FULL PAYMENT must be received first before ordering hair for your service, which includes, the full price of the hair, shipping and or traveling fees. You may use our paypal payment service make your deposit. 
100% Remy hair is included for the Fusion & Lace Front Wigs. 100% Virgin Indian Hair can be ordered for the sewing weaves as well ****