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Ooh La La Ga La -Car Members    

Group Booking Procedure

  1. Group minimum 5 or more welcomed
  2. Book Monthly
  3. Expires monthly
  4. 2 or more services required
  5. RSVP Day of Beauty Option 4 weeks in advance
  6. Saturday or Sunday12pm to 5pm (9 - 10 appt. only) 
  7. Prepay or Services Online at Website:  
  8. Payment required 3 weeks in advance
  9. Appointment set 2 weeks in advance  
  10. Cancellation 2 weeks in advance (failure to cancel, fee $50.)          

  Event Options

1. Free Wine Tasting & Refreshment w Service 

2. Day of Beauty w Refreshments w Service

3. Day of Beauty Price Discounts w Service

While serving last.