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GA LA CAR Beauty Salon and Online Fashions
Salon Services include: Hair, Nails, Makeovers, Brow/Lash and Online: Formal Dresses and Tux. 
To support your school we will give a portion of formal purchases to support senior activities.                                                                         

Student will receive the following: discounts for the following services and purchases. 

10% - 20% off all formals dresses for ladies and tux for gents              
Free Makeover with all formal dresses/gowns for ladies
Discounts on Beauty Services: Hair, Nails, Makeup etc.
Free Men Fragrance oil with all formal suits/tuxs for gents                   
8% of total formal sales will support senior activities


To sign up please email the following:

Your name, name of school you attend, tele/cell number and interest:
Student Venue, Salon Services and Product 
Senior Pictures
Home Coming

Back to School      

For Example:      Venue: Back to School / Service: Nails

                              Venue: Home Coming / Service: Makeover /  Product: Dress                                           


We are proud to announce: 
FREE Prom Preparation Workshops for Seniors 2018
The workshops cover the following topics:
1)How to pick the right gown.
2)How to look smoother                                                  
3)Color coordination                                                                                                                                          
4)Makeup and Hair Styles 
5)Keeping school guidelines in view.  
6)Etiquette and much more.